Oasis Technology License

1 Oasis Technology License

(1) Our company started our independent research and development three years ago and we will share (Oasis technology license) our engineering technology and know-how related to our rotating spherical guard, Oasis, which was released two years ago, with customers all over the world.
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2 Progress of Oasis Research, Development, and Commercialization

(1) Below is the record of the progress of Oasis research, development, and commercialization. You can also view these items from the Oasis category on the site map.

  1. PAUI Oasis No.1 Release in next February
  2. PAUI Oasis No.2 Prototype
  3. PAUI Oasis No.3 Prototype 3
  4. PAUI Oasis No.4 Final output adjustment
  5. PAUI Oasis No.5 Completion
  6. PAUI Oasis No.6 Product demo video 1
  7. PAUI Oasis No.7 900-type
  8. PAUI Oasis Wall climbing
  9. PAUI Oasis Latest information
  10. Comparison of rotating spherical frame 12, 13, & 14 inch propeller
  11. Installing rotating spherical frame to DJI F450
  12. Release of rotating spherical frame for DJI Inspire 1
  13. New release of PAUI Oasis3 for Phantom 3 is coming soon
  14. Installation/specifications/flight procedure of PAUI Oasis2 for Inspire1 spherical frame
  15. Installation/specifications/flight procedure of PAUI Oasis3 for Phantom 3 spherical frame
  16. Installation of DJI Phantom 4 rotating spherical frame
  17. New release of the latest bridge inspection drone, PAUI Oasis4 for Matrice 100, is coming soon
  18. Parts for rotating spherical frame for Phantom 3
  19. Delivering spherical frame for Phantom 3 to its manufacturing home
  20. Receipt of orders of spherical frame for Phantom 3 from a technical high school
  21. Installation/specifications/flight procedure of PAUI Oasis4 for Matrice 100 spherical frame
  22. How to fix PAUI Oasis
  23. Spherical frame for Phantom 3 going into a manhole
  24. Custom-made rotating spherical frame for DJI Phantom 4
  25. Installation/specifications/flight procedure of PAUI Oasis5 for Phantom 4 spherical guard
  26. Details on how to adjust the position of Phantom 4 LED lights
  27. Purposes of PAUI Oasis

(2) Sales Destination of Oasis

The customers of Oasis include leading machine manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and telecommunications carriers in Japan. Moreover, surveying companies account for half of our customers. Details will be given to customers who have concluded a nondisclosure agreement.
(3) Collection of Oasis Videos


3 Engineering Technology and Know-How of Oasis

(1) Dimensions and Weight of Oasis

Our company possesses technology and know-how related to manufacturing the rotating spherical guard, Oasis, from 70cm (DJI Mavic Pro size) up to 200cm (larger than DJI Matrice 200 and Matrice 600 PRO) in diameter.
※However, we are refraining from commercializing sizes exceeding 117cm in diameter (DJI Matrice 100 size), as the product would not even be able to go through the entrance door or into the elevator when delivering to the customers after packaging.

(The outer hemisphere is the spherical guard for Matrice 100, and the internal sphere is the spherical guard for Phantom 4)
(2) Selecting a Drone

Our company possesses know-how on which Oasis to install on which type of drone.
(3) Micro Vibration Prevention & Shock Mitigation

Our Oasis does not vibrate. It also reduces shock. In fact, micro vibration prevention and shock mitigation are Oasis’s most important engineering technologies. Our company is in the process of applying for patents on these micro vibration prevention and shock mitigation technologies.
(4) Building Oasis

There is know-how that one must careful with when building Oasis. We will also share all of this know-how.

4 Advantages for Licensee Company

(1) Manufacturing

You can omit the development phase and immediately start on production, as you can use the completed technology.
(2) Sales by Original Brand

Since you can promote sales by original brand, you can make use of the brand and sales route of the licensee company.
(3) Patent (pending) Usage Rights

Since we are in the process of applying for patent usage rights, you can prevent the risk of not being able to sell due to patents.

5 Inquiry Form for Oasis License

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